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Shallow Water Sight Fishing

Fly Fishing Skinny Water

Here at Rockport Fly Fishing Outfitters we specialize in sight fishing shallow water on the fly. Our target species are Redfish, there are also good opportunities at Sheepshead, Trout and Black Drum but the Redfish is king and plentiful. To find these fish we use 17’-18’ technical poling skiffs to run across shallow water flats to get where the fish like to feed. The environments we fish range from big open flats covered in grass and sand, to tiny backcountry lake systems lined with mangroves and spartina grass. Your guide will silently pole the boat from while looking to stalk in on a target. Watching an unsuspecting Redfish eat a well presented shrimp or crab fly pattern is something every angler will want to experience. We are very passionate about providing a 1st class sight-fishing experience for all of our customers.

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